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As an individual, couple and marriage psychotherapist, as well as a published author, and with over 25 years of experience, my goal is to help create harmony in your life and within the family unit. I strive to help each member of the family understand the reasons beneath the conflict as well as help them to find better solutions and more satisfying ways of being together. The purpose of family therapy is to resolve conflicts, re-establish trust and improve communication which will lead to a harmonious family relationship.

What kind of people go into Therapy or Counseling?

  • People who are focused on finding solutions not stuck on the problem
  • People who are not prepared to settle for unhappiness
  • People who are open to learning more about themselves and why they do the things they do
  • People who recognize that from time to time it is ok and beneficial to seek professional help
  • People who realize that it takes COURAGE to go for therapy, not a weakness
  • People who accept that it is almost impossible to be objective when it hits so close to home
  • People like you
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