Please find below testimonials from my past clients who wanted to express their appreciation and validation of how my counseling has helped them find peace and happiness in their lives once more.

“Eligibility received!!! Thank you for all of your guidance. We couldn’t have done it without you.” S.F.
“I am so grateful to have you in my life. Thank you for your insight and listening ear during a difficult time in my life.” K.S.
“I wanted to thank you so much and from my heart for your help. For the first time I could have right tips and tools for confronting depression. It was because of your help that I could get a job too!” N.S.
“I finally feel like I have met my Fairy Godmother! Rhonda has provided me with a tool box of anxiety fighting techniques that I now use to keep peace of mind.” L.M.
“Rhonda is an incredible therapist. She is attentive, compassionate, and a great listener. I always feel supported and understood during our sessions. I love how she proposes tools, strategies, and techniques to help me manage and overcome my issues. She often uses a touch of humor to help me diffuse my anxiety and provides me with a much needed reality check. I look forward to my sessions with Rhonda as I learn so much about myself and how to cope with all the difficulties and stresses of life. With Rhonda’s help I feel like I’ve grown into the person I’ve always wanted to be: someone strong, confident, caring, and ready to handle whatever life throws at me.” L.T.
“I had just turned 70 and losing many family members and friends was making face a reality that I wasn’t ready to face. For the first time in my life, I was in a deep depression. Your dedication and compassion were very comforting. This is not to say that when firmness was required, you did not hesitate to use it in my own interest. Constantly telling me to be patient and take baby steps definitely made things better.
Sincerely.” Yvette
“You have been an asset this past year for me, I don’t know how I would have gotten through it without you, you are a true, rare gem. :) I’m back at work and have a new boyfriend. Things are really looking up for me.
I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season :)
All the best.” J.C. 12/19/2013
“Hi Rhonda, It is June 3rd 2012… and I am still standing…Stronger than ever!! Your prediction has held up…! How can that be ? Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement. I have covered all of my bases and I am on my way to building my future! Rhonda, I am so appreciative of your intuition and expertise. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am… To Toby too…you were part of my healing! Have a good week. See you on Thursday!
Warmest Regards.” S. M.
“Hi Rhonda I was reading the newspaper today and I saw your piece. While I was reading, you came to mind because you were an inspiration to me during a difficult time in my life. Once I read who the author was, I was delighted that it was you and that there was a contact email address. I hope that you remember me as I have thought about you often. Now, I would like to thank you for playing a positive pivotal role in my life’s journey.” A.P.
“You gave me the gift of “insights” and self confidence when I most needed it. I am very grateful for your help”. S.L.
“Hi Rhonda, You are truly gifted… Your insight and advice are priceless!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)” S.M.
“I got the call today that I am officially divorced. I wanted to thank you for giving me the courage to believe in myself to do for once what is good for me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it otherwise, you help me justify the importance of me.
Thank you, good luck with your move, sincerely. (: xoooxxox” K.P.
“Dear Rhonda,
I have meant to write you for some time. I want to thank you again for helping me last spring. You really showed me how to control my anger at home with my kids and to look at life differently. You were also very right about the fact that I would not be with my girlfriend forever, that ended in August and for the better for both of us. You are really good at what you do, again I thank you.
I will refer you any chance I get. You are the best!
I hope that you have a wonderful holiday season and a very happy new year. All the best and take care.” R.B.
“Dear Rhonda:
Where do I start? When I met you, my life was a complete MESS! I had many unresolved issues from my childhood. I had just been diagnosed with depression and had recently left an abusive relationship. That situation came close to making me lose my sanity. Never did I realize how unresolved issues can create patterns in choosing life partners, which resulted in 2 failed marriages. (I had seen several therapists, but never received any clear answers). You have helped me to re-organize and sort out my problems and become clearer about my priorities. This has allowed me to see the light at the end of the tunnel! You have empowered me to have boundaries with my children (not always easy being a single parent). You have helped me to have closure with my past, what a relief!
You have worked with me on improving my self-esteem. I am so grateful to have had the chance to meet a therapist like you! You brought out the power that was hidden deep within me. I now feel successful in all aspects of my life, thanks to you Rhonda!
In the U.S., they have Dr. Phil, Now in Canada, we have Dr. Rhonda.” CMB
“You have been a great comfort to me, and have helped me re-discover myself, and the happiness I once felt, for this I will always be grateful. I will probably schedule an appointment with you one day again, but as of now I feel great. Thank you so much. “ K.N.
“I came to see Rhonda because I was experiencing frustration in my marriage. I have made important progress in just 8 weeks, because of Rhonda’s practical, no-nonsense approach to problem solving. She has given me the techniques to manage myself when I am being undermined, threatened or treated with disrespect. The best thing is that these techniques are effective and I am already experiencing positive changes in my marriage. It is reassuring for me to know that I will be able to use these techniques in difficult work situations and when conflict arises with family and friends. The best is I feel better because I am clearer about my boundaries and my self-worth.” C.D.
“I greatly admire your professionalism, devotion, and openness. I found our collaborative work to be enriching and effective.” A. Nucci, Psychologist
“You make me feel that I can do anything.” W.R.
“I learned to see my goals as commitments to myself and my well being.” J.C.
« Votre approche positive et pratique m’a beaucoup inspirée. » C.B.
“Your constant encouragement is refreshing. I’m blessed to have known you.” C.D.
« 1 heure avec vous m’a aidée plus que 10 sessions avec mon ancienne thérapeute. » T.R.
“I want to thank you for changing my life and for believing in me. You are an inspiration to me and I appreciate the fact that you’ve come into my life. All the health, love and happiness you deserve. “ J.S.
“You really have made a difference in my life.” D.S.
“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your advice and help. I always will refer your name to anybody that needs help, since I found you to be great.” L.M.
“I would like to take this opportunity to say “thank you” for your patience and guidance. You have equipped me with the necessary “tools” to be successful in my future endeavors and I look forward to sharing my “success” stories with you.” Andree
“Dear Rhonda
Thank you for the invitation to your Empowering Course. I really need it now to keep me focused on being happy. I know I never told you, how much you are appreciated in my life. You are the one who knows I’m not nuts during the times I feel like I am.
You ARE loved.” W.U.
“Hi Rhonda, I just wanted to write to say thank you for helping me. I knew we only connected twice but I felt very comfortable with you and you gave me valuable tools and encouragement and validation. I am doing well. The thing you said that stayed with me most was “don’t give away your power”. That has been my goal. I still have work to do and I will face that but it get easier.” TK
Testimonial regarding student assessment for Certificate of Eligibility:
“I just wanted to let you know that the counsel has accepted our son’s request for the English Instruction exemption, based on humanitarian grounds. Needless to say we are very ecstatic about this.
We can’t thank you enough for your help in this matter and strongly believe that your letter explaining how this would affect N’s future, played a large part in their final decision for a positive recommendation.
Thank you again” T.L.
“Dear Rhonda:
Through this letter I wanted to confirm our last telephone conversation. I want to express to you our most sincere gratitude for everything that you have done over the past year for our family; you have been a true source of support and encouragement; you have given us additional strength and peace of mind to deal with the many personal challenges that have been presented to us since our move from Mexico City.
Specially, we want to thank you for helping us achieve the eligibility for instruction in English for our son ANDER. We believe your professional report on his emotional state and that of our family’s, served as crucial evidence to support the arguments that we, as his parents, were presenting to the MELSQ, in our request to declare him eligible under humanitarian grounds.
It also remains undeniable to us that you are not only a fine professional but a true caring human being. Your personal assessment of Ander gave him a way out to communicate to us and to relieve part of the pressure and the whirlwind of emotions that he was dealing with inside his mind. It also allowed him to communicate with us without the feeling that he always had to be strong and positive.
The positive resolution of his case was like a “miracle” that practically changed our lives, especially that of Ander. It is hard to put into a few words how grateful we feel for your involvement and your guidance.
A heavy weight was lifted from our shoulders and in the past two weeks, we have seen him starting to come to terms with the whole ordeal. He has slowly been recovering his sensitive, caring and good natured character.
For the first time in many months, we see him happy and behaving just like a normal teenager. He is even singing out loud! For this we will remain forever thankful to you.
Please receive this message of deep gratitude on behalf of my whole family.
Hoping to soon have the opportunity to thank you in person, I remain, Sincerely”
G. Dovali-Sieira.
“Hi Rhonda!
We received the certificate of eligibility!!!!
Thank you for being part of the success and your support.” A.V.
“I had so much fun. I met some very nice ladies and also learned how to say no and still be nice.” G.P.
“Thank you Rhonda. This was a great experience and I feel much more confidant now.” V.H.
“Because of this course, I was able to ask for a raise after 6 years, and I got it.” D.J.
“I now understand why I get so angry and am now able to keep calm and say what I need. Wow!” M.C.
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