English School Eligibility in Quebec

Do you need help acquiring a Certificate of Eligibility for your child to attend English School in Quebec? If you have been refused or are worried that you may be refused, but believe strongly that your child will not do well in the French system, then I may be able to help you. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation

After years of experience working with families of “special needs children” and children with “adaptation and language issues”, I have acquired an expertise in writing a unique, individualized, psycho-social report which has resulted in many families acquiring this eligibility. In some situations, when previous requests have been refused, I have been able to achieve success, when the request was based on humanitarian reasons, serious developmental or health reasons. Therefore, if it is your priority for your child to attend English school, but the government has said NO. I can help you to change that NO into a YES!

Hello Rhonda The committee revised its decision. My children obtained the certificate of eligibility for English education. Thank you for helping me write my life story in a concise and meaningful way. Best regards,

- M

Why it’s not easy getting a Certificate of Eligibility to attend English School in Quebec

The criteria for getting your child exempt from attending school in French due to a learning, developmental or language delay has become extremely strict and rigid as you will see by going to the government's website on attending French only schools for children who do not have the certificate of eligibility. Your chances are also strongly influenced by how you present your case. I have had several cases that had all the criteria for exemptions but because of the way their request was written and the manner in which the recommendations were made by the parents or the psychologist who diagnosed the child; they were refused.

My experience and expertise can help you get acceptance

You need to have a very strong case; whether it is because of a serious, long-term learning, developmental or language delay or due to Humanitarian grounds. The reason I have such a high degree of success with my clients and over 80% are accepted, is because I don’t accept every case that is presented to me. If I don’t think you have a very solid and substantial reason, beyond the child has ADD, has difficulty learning French or you can’t help him with French; I will let you know my professional opinion, by the end of the first session.

You need to understand that the Admission Committee is looking for reasons to refuse you, not to give you the exemption, so you need to present your reasons in a strong, logical manner and with evidence, documents, and an expertise in writing a convincing psycho-social assessment to validate your request.

How I’ll help you obtain a Certificate of Eligibility

In our first session, you will need to bring in all your documents and reasons for requesting the exemption. I will be able to tell you, by the end of the first session, if you are likely to succeed, if I feel I can help you and what the next steps need to be in order to have the best possible chance of success.

To obtain a Certificate of Eligibility or a temporary authorization for a child, the parent or legal guardian of the child must first have a file opened with the English school board or private school where he or she wishes to enroll the child. Once you fill in the application, the school board will forward the application and supporting documents to a person designated by the Minister of Education. It usually takes no more than three weeks, to receive a response. You will also have the opportunity to appeal the decision if your request is refused.

Additional resources on obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility in Quebec

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