The Depression Quiz

As the summer fades and the colours on the trees turn to red, brown and green, it is normal to feel a kind of sadness and longing for the end of summer. Feeling sad and down is usually a very normal reaction to a disappointment, hurt, or loss. How do you know when feeling sad becomes more than a temporary change in mood and when it has turned into a clinical depression? Take this quiz and see how you rate yourself. This is not an official diagnosis, you need to see your doctor to receive that but it is a pretty strong indication of where you may be heading. The good news is that depression has a high cure rate, when combined with medication and psychotherapy, so don't become discouraged, just become informed.

Do you find that you :

  • have Less energy and less interest in things lately
  • are less motivated to accomplish tasks
  • are more reluctant to socialize with friends
  • lack self-esteem and self-confidence
  • have difficulty focusing and concentrating
  • have poor short term memory
  • feel exhausted, especially in the morning
  • sleeping too much or not enough
  • are eating too much or too little – without intention
  • feel stuck
  • feel overwhelmed
  • feel like your drowning
  • feel like life wasn't worth living
  • feel guilty and ashamed
  • are frequently crying
  • find it hard to feel joy in the things you used to love
  • find yourself forgetful
  • don't see the future in any positive light

If you said 'yes' to most of these things, then you may be suffering from clinical depression. It is fixable and can be overcome, but please see your doctor first to rule out any other possible reasons for this condition.

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