Applying the Law of Attraction to your life

How to apply the principles of the LAW OF ATTRACTION towards building self-esteem,

For those of you who have seen the movie The Secret, read the book, or have been inspired by the teachers of this principle, there is still the problem of the How.
How do you apply it to your day to day life?  How do you eliminate the obstacles that stop your dreams from turning into to reality?  How do you focus on what you want, when you keep on living what you don't want?

I will help you understand these principles.  I will give you the tools you need to turn obstacles into challenges, turn negative thoughts into empowering beliefs and you will learn how to begin to trust that you do deserve to have the best in life.  It is only when you are at this place of believing that you really do deserve, that you are able to let it in. All the visualizations and affirmations in the world won't help you realize your dreams, if you still have that little voice telling you, it's not really true.

Many people are reading and writing about the Law of Attraction now.  Here, in Montreal, there are many coaches, entrepreneurs, business people, even psychics who say they can make you rich, using this law.  They promise that you will win the lotto, find your soulmate, buy that car; if you follow them.  But who are these people, what are their credentials, what have they studied, what is their expertise, their training, except for marketing themselves as the magic genie of 2007.  Do they explain that it is not magic, it is hard work, but it is also possible to create the life you want.  Do they explain to you HOW they will be able to do this?  How they will be able to turn your life around?  What skills do they have to make you a magnet to prosperity, health and love?

I have been counselling people in Montreal,  for over 23 years.  I have helped them to raise their self-esteem, assert and empower themselves.  I have helped them learn how to cope with depression, deal with anxiety and improve their relationships with their children and partners, and most of all, themselves.

I will teach you the skills you need to know to be able to release your fears, minimize your negative thoughts, believe in your worthiness to receive.  Without these processes, the law of attraction will not be able to bring you anything, but more of what you are already living.

Changing negative thoughts into positive ones, is a cognitive approach I have been using in my private practice for many years.  Now, mainstream has caught up with this psychological approach and popularized it as the Law of Attraction.  You need to know more than what the law means. You need to know how it works and you need to understand why it is not bringing to you what you want, so you can make the changes that need to be made to bring your dreams into your life.  People need to understand how their subconscious works to sabotage their biggest desires, and what can be done to stop this process.  Who knows the subconscious better than therapists who have been working in the field for decades?  It is not news to most people, that they sabotage themselves.  That's why diets don't work, that's why most affirmations and quick fixes don't work; because they don't deal with the underlying, subconscious negative voice that sabotages us.  New Agers who read a few books, watch the movie a few times, meditate and call themselves "intuitive coaches" don't have the years of experience, education, or expertise needed to help you understand, accept, and then dissolve these blocks.

As I am a solution-focused therapist and work on helping clients realize their goals.  I empower them with tools, education and feedback.  I support them on their road towards realizing their dreams.  I let them know when they are off track, how to get back on track and how to stop their negative thoughts and fears from sabotaging their efforts.  If that is what you want, please give me a call and we can start the Law of Attraction process, here in Montreal.  This process will work for couple counseling, parenting, raising self-esteem, attracting healthy relationships, repairing dysfunctional relationships and bringing more joy into your life.  Isn't that what it is really all about?

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