Reaching out for re-connection

What if you learned about a process that would enable you to communicate and re-connect to significant people from your past?

What if this could be accomplished in a way that would inspire them to be open to hearing from you again and possibly renewing or repairing your relationship?
Is this something that you would consider valuable?

Who would you want to re-connect with? Your partner that sleeps right next to you, but has become a stranger; your teenage son who rolls his eyes whenever you start talking, an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that you now regret leaving, your parent, brother or sister; or an old school friend or colleague at work? It could be anyone who has meant a lot to you, but you were unable to work through the misunderstandings that led to a rupture in your relationship. Yet the relationship continues in your mind and your heart.

What if I had the tools that could change the situation? Would you be interested in learning more about this unique product I have devised and created?

I, Rhonda Rabow, have worked as a psychotherapist for over 25 years. I have developed a process, which has been used successfully in my private practice, to help my clients reconnect with the significant people in their lives, who, for some reason, have become distant or abandoned the relationship.

This technique has been successful where couple therapy has failed. It has also helped in blended family situations, dealing with ex-spouses, angry children, and distant family members.

What is the secret about this unique technique, you might ask.

It is a unique, well-drafted letter that I create with my client, using all my verbal and therapeutic skills and experience to reach out to that special person and address them in such a way, as to inspire a cooperative reaction, most often requesting communication.

This is not your regular letter. It is not like you writing to your child/parent/partner telling him or her how they have hurt you or disappointed you. It is not about blaming, accusing, questioning or finding fault. Those letters, you can and probably have done yourself, and usually have led to the "reader" becoming angry or defensive and either not responding at all, or responding in a defensive manner. Why these letters usually don't work to re-connect is because you, the writer, are already personally involved and invested in defending or explaining your side of the problem. Because you are so invested, you cannot be objective and the other person picks up on your tone, or words, or attitude and thus reacts in anger, feeling accused or criticized.

My "letter of the heart" is very different. After I meet with you to find out your history with this person, your needs, your pain, and your goals; I design a letter of request coming from your heart to his/her heart. I use my many years of experience to compose this delicate and soulful letter, including your memories of when the relationship was best and we carefully choose the words, the tone, and the emotions needed to demonstrate the sincerity of the request... There are no accusations or justifications, there are no angry or disappointing comments, neither blame or criticisms. This is a message of love from your heart to his/her heart and I am the translator of that message, to ensure that nothing gets misunderstood or confused.

A sincere and heartfelt message like this is rarely refused and most of the time it can lead to an opportunity to re-establish and heal the relationship. Your significant people will more likely feel touched and embraced by this letter and react by reaching back to you. Isn't that the outcome you want?

As I have mentioned before, I have been doing this for many years with overwhelmingly positive results. Now, I have decided to expand this service to you, people searching for answers to resolve old hurts, regrets and/or rejections.

This is a service I can provide for you now. I will lead you through the process. I will choose, with your input, the most effective communication method most likely to connect with the person from your past. The best words will be carefully selected like bright diamonds, and will be expressed with sincerity and genuine caring. Who could reject such a request when it is wrapped up in a gift like this?

It's up to you. Isn't it time to bring back the harmony, heal the past and create love and peace for your life now?

There are several ways this unique service can be offered.

  1. One on one meeting in my office
  2. Telephone counseling
  3. Through the internet

Just think the difference this could make for your peace of mind and to enable you to have closure with the painful aspects of the past and inspire a whole new healthier and improved relationship with those very important people in your lives.

Every day you delay, is another day that is lost!

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