Assertiveness self-quiz

If one of your goals this year is to become more assertive and self-confident, this quiz may help you to find out where you stand on the Assertiveness scale.

  1. Do you worry that if you say "no" you will be judged as mean or unkind?
  2. Are you at ease when you need to ask someone a favor?
  3. Do you keep quiet even when you have something to say because you are worried about "rocking the boat"?
  4. Do you keep your feelings inside until you can't anymore and then explode?
  5. Do you wish people treated you better and with more respect?
  6. Do you find that people tend to take advantage of you?
  7. Do you find that people misunderstand your motives?
  8. Do you feel blamed for things that are not your fault?
  9. Do you feel that you are not being heard?
  10. Do you find yourself talking louder or even yelling because they aren't listening?
  11. Does it surprise you when people accuse you of being aggressive or a bully?
  12. Do you ever wish you could find a way to express your feelings calmly and get your point across successfully?
  13. Do you ever feel nervous when you need to ask for something?
  14. Do you believe it is possible to feel more confident and more assertive?
  15. Are you comfortable saying "no" when you feel someone is trying to manipulate you?
  16. Do you feel that your boss would treat you better if you had the confidence and skills to express your needs and wants?
  17. Do you feel you are being manipulated and micro-managed at work but don't know how to address it?
  18. Do you say nothing even when you know you are right, because you are afraid to get into an argument?
  19. Do you ever feel that you are in a lose/lose situation and that no matter what you do; you will be blamed for something.

If you said "yes" to 12 or more questions, you might want to consider learning some assertiveness techniques.

Another interesting benefit of learning assertiveness techniques is how closely it is linked to improving self-confidence and building self-esteem.
This short quiz may help you identify how committed you are to working towards these goals.

  1. Do you feel it is possible to become more self-confident using assertiveness skills?
  2. How would you feel differently if you felt more self-confident?
  3. What will your life feel like if you don't make any efforts to become more assertive?
  4. How much is your lack of assertiveness affecting your happiness now?
    10%     20%   30%   40%    50%    60%   70%    80%    90%     100%
  5. How would your life improve if you had the tools to raise your self-esteem using assertiveness techniques?
  6. Why is the timing right for you to start making these changes in your life right now?
  7. How ready are you to do whatever it takes to make these changes now?
    10%   20%   30%   40%   50%   60%   70%   80%   90%   100%
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